Duluth is a beautiful city situated at the western tip of Lake Superior. The "Zenith City" is the most inland port in the world. Back in the logging days, Duluth had more millionaires per capita than any city in America.

This post card depicts the old Incline Railway which was a fixture in Duluth from 1891 until it was dismantled in 1939. All that remains is the public right of way with a dilapidated trail and steps up the hillside. In its prime, the Incline was both a tourist attraction and a mode of public transportation to get up and down the steep Duluth hillside.

I called the second house to the right of the Incline "home" for about 15 years. How many people can say their house is on a post card?! Although a rather modest two-bed, one-bath house, it was a well-loved home. Built in 1910, it still had much of its original leaded glass windows, woodwork and plaster walls. Prior owners obviously loved it too and took good care of the home. The only thing not to love was the absence of a garage. After years of trying to figure out how to add one without destroying the character of the house and yard, we gave up and moved a few blocks to the east. The new place, only half-jokingly, is referred to as the garage with attached house.

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